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High Reactivity Carbon Mixture HRCM is a new nano-carbon material that is designed to revolutionize the business of water purification
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Deuterium Depleted Water
Cancer cells show extreme sensitivity to the deuterium depletion and lose their ability to function
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    Welcome to Bionomic Technologies

Bionomic Technologies serves both industrial and consumer markets. We provide our customers with the unique solutions based on the latest advances in the nanotechnology sciences.
AquaNano ™ Filters

AquaNano™ HRCM-based filters have changed the business of water purification. For the first time in the world the unique water purification systems have been created thanks to the recent discoveries of new nanomaterials such as High Reactivity Carbon Mixture (HRCM).

AquaNano™ filters are very effective removing virtually all known contaminants from water at any temperature – from freezing cold to boiling hot. The filters are designed to fulfill the requirements of both consumers and industrial clients with productivity ranging from 3-5 L/hour (0.013-0.022 GPM) for the household “pouring” tabletop filters up to 2,000 L/hour (8.8 GPM) for the industrial high-end models.

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High Reactivity Carbon Mixture (HRCM)

HRCM is a new nano-carbon material that is designed to revolutionize the business of water purification, air pollution control and environmental cleanup (oil spills, chemical contamination, etc.) HRCM is manufactured by a unique method of cold autocatalytic decomposition of graphite, which results in a formation of carbon-based nano-material with unprecedented properties and abilities.

HRCM is a dark grey very lightweight powder that has an extremely large specific surface area (2,500 m2 per 1 gram of HRCM). The surface of this material consists of atomic layers of cyclic carbon (graphenes) with damaged molecular bonds. HRCM also contains about 20% of tubular nano-carbon structures that are 50,000 times thinner than a human hair.

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Our Environmental Solutions

BionomicTech offers a principally novel and very cost-effective solution for the complete removal of MTBE from water. The method is protected by the US patent 7,128,881 awarded in October 2006. The technology is absolutely effective when used for cleaning contaminated water with any concentration of MTBE. The result of the cleaning process is a good quality drinking water. The technology has been thoroughly tested with hundreds of MTBE-contaminated water samples with MTBE concentration ranging from 110 μg/L to 9,800 μg/L. In all cases the results showed no MTBE presence in water after the proposed treatment.

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News and Events

June 2010
BionomicTech completed installation of 30 Fat-Oil-Grease (F.O.G.) removal devices in India for the purpose of total water recycling at a large pharmaceutical plant. The water flow of 20 m3/hour contaminated with 11 mg/L of silicone oil was cleaned to fully comply with the drinking water standard (IS 3025).

November 2009
BionomicTech introduced a new generation of highly effective Fat-Oil-Grease (F.O.G.) removal devices capable of capturing the smallest amounts of F.O.G. in water.

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